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P5500 aka HTC Nike
HTC to launch the P5500 aka HTC Nike in September already Posted by Arne Hess – at Tuesday, 14.08.07 – 15:08:42 CET under 02 – Pocket PC News – Viewed 2343x Tagged under: [HTC] [HTC_Nike] [HTC_P5500] [Windows_Mobile_6_Professional] According to Taiwanese DigiTimes, HTC (High Tech Computer) is expected to launch its second TouchFLO-controlled smartphone supporting UMTS and HSDPA standard perhaps as soon as September, market sources indicated. The new smartphone is likely to be the HTC P5500 (codenamed Nike) which the company unveiled in the first half of this year, indicated the sources, noting that the P5500 will be built using a CPU from Samsung Electronics and chipsets from Qualcomm and supporting the WCDMA standard. If rumors turns out to be true, the HTC Nike is a HTC Touch look-alike Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone with TouchFLO touch screen technologies but furthermore adds a auto sliding keyboard: Further features are expected to include 128 MB ROM, 64 MB RAM, microSD, a 2 megapixel camera on the back as well as a front facing QVGA video telephony camera and Bluetooth. WiFi wasn’t mentioned so far. No further information available yet and it’s not clear, where the September launch will happens (Asia or Europe) first. from theunwired

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codename Cobalt, sounds just like the bad title of an old movie and, frankly, the appearance that was recently made for the platform is not a very impressive one. It’s just like a train car. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not ugly or anything but if it does become a reality, it is going to have to compete with Nintendo’s DS which, in my opinion, looks a little more sexy. Detailed information about the new PSP2’s specs is listed below: • All Metal & Ruggedized Rubber Build; • 200% Brighter Screen; • Dual Analog Controllers; • Visual Battery Display; • 8GB Flash Drive; • Wifi (a,b,g); • Bluetooth V.2 (A2DP, AVRCP); • Firmware 4.07. Now, the specs speak for themselves, no arguments on that, but where do they come from? Not having a specified source, we can only guess that the PSP2 is nothing but a scam or mockery, surely made by someone with too much free time on his/her hands and a good imagination which could probably be put to better use.
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