Gold-colored HTC One part leaked in China, we’re sensing a trend here

15 Sep


We’re usually quite skeptical when it comes to leaked phone parts, especially those that just show a new color, but this one seems fairly reliable. Courtesy of the same Sina Weibo user who previously showed us a blue HTC One (which has since been announced along with its mini counterpart), we’re now looking at what appears to be the front-half of a gold-colored One. Call it impeccable timing, but given the August 12th date stamp on the part, chances are HTC also had this planned some time ago. In fact, a 24-Carat gold One already exists.

In addition to the leakster’s track record, the hand-written marks on the parts lend credence to their authenticity. The One series’ designer Justin Huang (who’s sadly in a bit of trouble right now) previously told us that the letters grade the form of the front-side frame, in order to help pick matching parts. It’s also worth pointing out that we’ve yet to come across any fake custom HTC One parts in the Huaqiangbei market, which is likely because of the difficult manufacturing and disassembly process. That said, the phone’s relatively lower demand than, say, the iPhones and Samsung devices may be a bigger deterrent for those part makers. Let’s see if this new color option will change HTC’s course. by engadget

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