Blizzard foreclosing on Diablo III real-money auction house in March 2014

18 Sep


One of the major points of contention when Diablo III released on PC and Mac last year was an auction house where you could use real money to buy high-level gear. That’s changing next March 18th when developer Blizzard closes the doors on the controversial feature, as well as the in-game currency auction house. In a post on, Blizzard Entertainment Production Director John Hight writes that, despite the auction house’s benefits, it “ultimately undermines Diablo’s core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot.” In the video embedded below, Hight and Game Director Josh Mosquiera stress that they’re focusing on making murdering nightmare creatures the most satisfying way of getting rad gear — not spending ducats, real or otherwise. If you want a preview of what an auction house-free Diablo III looks like right now, check out the recent PS3 and Xbox 360 ports — they’re super good! by engadget

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