ZTE planning bigger, better Firefox OS phone for US release next year

25 Sep


ZTE is one of the few companies making a sly side-bet on Firefox OS, and next year it’s planning to double-down on that initial wager with the launch of a second handset running Mozilla’s smartphone platform. Speaking with IDG’s Michael Kan at Expo Comm China 2013, ZTE’s Executive VP He Shiyou expects the device to land first half 2014, with a larger display than its predecessor, a dual-core processor, a “revamped user experience” and, of course, a low price. The exec also said that, with approximately 100,000 units sold, demand for the ZTE Open “has exceeded supply,” and he anticipates double that figure in total sales. ZTE deliberately manufactured the Open on a small scale, but is optimistic about future adoption of Firefox OS. Shiyou believes HTML5-based apps will become more relevant as speedy network technology like LTE reduces reliance on native software, stating: “In the future, the app store business model will be no more.”

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