Sony Alpha 7 and 7R: the full-frame mirrorless ILC is finally here

17 Oct


Photo junkies, brace yourselves for some very big news. Sony has finally announced its much-anticipated (and leaked) mirrorless camera, debuting not one, but two feature-packed models. The $1,700 Alpha 7, which is positioned as a step-up cam for APS-C interchangeable-lens camera owners, includes a 24.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor. The $2,300 Alpha 7R, for its part, will be of particular interest to professionals — that flagship model packs a 36.3-megapixel sensor without a low-pass filter. Both cameras ship with a new BIONZ X processor, enabling 14-bit RAW, a 25,600 top ISO, improved area-specific noise reduction, upgraded detail reproduction and diffraction-reduction technology that helps eliminate the blurriness you may experience when shooting at higher apertures.

Despite their gigantic sensors, both the Alpha 7 and 7R (Sony’s dropping NEX from the branding here) include a footprint not much larger than other models in the company’s mirrorless lineup. Externally, the duo is identical, with resolution representing the chief differentiator here. They use the same E-mount that you’ll find on existing cameras and lenses, but you’ll need to upgrade your glass to take full advantage of the new sensor. You can also use existing optics, either with significant cropping or some heavy vignetting, but if you’re investing in either camera, it’s definitely worth boosting your lens collection, too. Join us past the break for a closer look at Sony’s exciting new Alphas.

Update: We’ve got some hands-on pics delivered all the way from Hong Kong. Enjoy!

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