Google to give parents more control with supervised user accounts in Chrome

23 Oct


Those unwilling to spend big bucks on a laptop for their kids might consider a low-cost Chromebook as an option, but could be a bit hesitant due to the OS’s lack of parental controls. That could all change however, thanks to a new feature the Chrome team is rolling out this week to its beta channel. Simply add your child as a “supervised user” on Chrome, and you can see his or her browsing history and decide whether to allow or block certain sites. He or she can also request permission to view a blocked site if necessary. Interested parties can go ahead and try this out now by downloading the beta version of Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux, though obviously this feature would be more useful for a machine with Chrome as its sole browser. Thankfully, that should be the case once this feature passes the beta phase. by engadget

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Posted by on 23/10/2013 in IT


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