Sony sells more smartphones, but suffers from drop in demand for cameras, PCs

01 Nov


Sony’s hugely improved smartphone range have done well for the company, and mobile sales in the last quarter have increased 39.3 percent since the same period last year. However, the rest of the financial news makes less cheery reading for Sony fans. In total, the company’s cut its annual profit forecast down to 30 billion yen (roughly $300 million) — a 40 percent decrease from the 50 billion yen it expected to pull in, with blame being leveled at multiple flops from its movie department.

Camera sales dropped 6.9 percent, following the continued decline of video camera and compact point-and-shoots — its imaging arm saw a total loss of $24 million. Meanwhile, TV sales are up, but despite the positive effects of cost reductions and restructuring, the division still lost $123 million in the last quarter. Meanwhile, Sony’s own image sensors and components continue to make cash, following the continued boom in smart devices, with an operating income of $122 million for Q2 2013.

Just ahead of its grand PS4 launch, the gaming department made a loss of $8 million, which (a little like Nintendo) it has blamed on “strategic price reduction” of its Vita handheld. It adds that this loss was “partially offset” by software sale increases on the PS3 (although not on the Vita). Sony still managed to sell 2 million new PS3s in the last quarter and it hasn’t changed its predictions for the gaming arm. The company is expecting big things from the new PlayStation and a quick shift to profitability, pinning hopes on its content stores that are firmly lodged inside the next-gen console. by engadget

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