Vivo Xplay 3S unveiled with a 6-inch 2K display, powerful audio amp and fingerprint reader

30 Dec


We came away rather impressed with the Vivo Xplay from China, so today’s launch of its successor, the Xplay 3S (which is a bit odd as there was never an “Xplay 2”), is something that we’ve been looking forward to since the teaser way back in October. As mentioned before, this new Android phone is still the first to pack a 2K (2,560 x 1,440) display, which works out to be a ridiculously high 490ppi density on the 6-inch panel.

Like other recent Vivo phones, you’ll find a pair of dedicated audio chips on the Xplay 3S — here you have ESS Technology’s ES9018 DAC and Texas Instruments’ OPA2604 amplifier, both of which are said to be the crème de la crème in their respective categories. This should go nicely with the built-in DTS Headphone:X feature that brings 7.1 or even 11.1 surround sound effect to your stereo headphones; plus Vivo’s video streaming service already hosts about 200 Headphone:X-capable movies (along with over 400 movies in 1080p and over 1,000 movies in 720p), with more to be added each month.  by engadget

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