LG’s new Windows 8 PCs include Tab-Book 2 sliders, ‘ultra’ laptop and an all-in-one

01 Jan


Next week at CES LG will show off a few new devices running Windows 8, like the Tab-Book 2 line (above) that hides a QWERTY keyboard underneath its 11.6-inch screen, 13Z940 “ultra PC” laptop (pictured after the break) and a new 27-inch all-in-one. The two mobile devices build on models introduced last year, with the new 13-inch coming in at just 980g, 13.6 mm-thick and a thin 4.4mm bezel, all wrapped around its Haswell Core i5 CPU and SSD (128GB or 256GB). The two new Tab-Book 2 models improve by also getting lighter and thinner, with the high-end 11T740 model measuring at 16.7mm thick and 1.05kg compared to the earlier version’s 19.4mm and 1.23kg. We’ll have to wait until the show to get a picture of the 27-inch all-in-one announced, but LG says it can go from PC to TV and back without rebooting, use PiP and packs an unspecified Core CPU inside. by engadget

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