Intel’s Mike Bell on what’s wrong with wearables, and how he plans to fix it

21 Jan


If there’s one buzzword that sums up CES 2014, it has to be wearables. There has been everything from cameras to earbuds. Not to mention a veritable deluge of smartwatches, wristbands and fitness trackers. Even Intel is in on the game, bringing us some of the show’s most memorable wearable tech: the baby onesie, a smart mug concept, an earpiece and even a watch of its own.

There’s a good reason why Intel is investing in wearables, though — and his name is Mike Bell. He’s the general manager of the New Devices Group at Intel, and he thinks wearables are a massive opportunity. One problem though: He also thinks we’re currently doing it wrong. To that end, he’s tasked with shaping Intel’s wearable future, which, if all goes well (for him), will be our wearable future too. by engadget

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