Google’s modular phones: hot-swapping batteries is just the beginning

23 Apr


Google teased us with a behind-the-scenes look at Project Ara’s progress last week, and now it’s giving would-be module makers some meat to dig into with its new Module Developers Kit. As the name implies, this release really isn’t meant for laymen: it’s a set of guidelines for how those bits should look and interact with the endo (Google’s pet name for the phone skeletons you pop those modules into), along with schematics and code samples to play with.

That said, there still a few neat morsels worth noting! Google has some awfully flexible plans for how future Ara phones will handle battery modules, for instance:

    Users of an Ara phone will be able to power their device with one or multiple batteries; they will be able to swap a depleted battery with a fresh one, without powering off their phone; they will be able to charge one or more batteries in their phone from one or multiple charging devices.
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