Logitech’s auto-dimming keyboard wants to help you dominate movie night

23 Apr


In the dark, finding the volume rocker on your TV’s clicker can be hard enough, but F7 on a QWERTY keyboard? That’s damn near impossible. To that end, Logitech thinks it has a solution for managing your home-theater PC or connected-TV once you’ve killed the lights. Not only does the outfit’s new wireless, backlit keyboard (the K830, if you want to get technical) auto-dim based on ambient light, but to save power it also disables the lighting completely after about five seconds of non-use. What’s more, the accessory is rechargeable, packs a built-in track-pad and has a 33-foot range thanks to its 2.4GHz connectivity.

The K830 doesn’t offer control for all of your devices like its Harmony counterpart does, but its dark-room capabilities help take the sting out of that a bit, especially when it’s $50 cheaper. If any of the above sounds intriguing, Logitech expects the unit to go on sale in the US and Europe this month for $100, 100 euros, or £90 — just in time for Philomena on Blu-ray. by engadget

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